[clug] Looking to buy a GPS

Tarrant Marshall tarrantm at iinet.net.au
Mon Aug 27 10:44:29 GMT 2007

My father has a Navman iCN 510. I rate the Navman unit, I think it is still
in the top end although they have newer models that are just as nice. I have
found that almost all the GPS units are too chunky, this is thin and slip -
big enough pocket it'd fit without making it look like you have a mini CRT
in your pocket, as that's my opinion on some of the dodgier brands.

I'll be purchasing one for myself in October, so will be interested in
seeing the outcome of this discussion.

I don't use the Navman very often in Canberra, sure do when I travel though.
Can't honestly say how long the battery lasts in hand, i have it plugged in
when driving. In a big city, turning it on takes a while for it to track the
satellites which can be frustrating if you are somewhere new for the first


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On Mon, 2007-08-27 at 17:51 +1000, Alex Satrapa wrote:
> On 27/08/2007, at 16:30 , michael.ross at atice.org wrote:
> > Are you in the market for a new mobile? The Nokia N95 and 6110 both  
> > come
> > with an inbuild GPS unit + mapping software.
> Pardon me if I'm muddying the waters - but is this actually a stand- 
> alone GPS, or is it one which relies on the GPS calculations being  
> done by servers on the mobile phone network?
> I know that many "GPS phones" have the receiver in the handset, but  
> offload the rest of the functionality to services on the network  
> (doing the position calculation and preparing the map images). It  
> would be a shame to buy a nifty new GPS phone, get lost in the bush,  
> and pull out your phone to find out where you are, only to discover  
> that the GPS only works when you have 3+ bars coverage...
> Alex

The N95 is a stand-alone GPS, so it will work without the mobile
network, locking in within a minute or two.  

However if you do allow it to triangulate with the help of the phone
network, it will lock in much much quicker (10 sec).

It uses up the batteries pretty quickly, you'll be recharging each night
(or evening even) if you use the GPS a lot during the day.

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