[clug] ruminations on an openmoko

Nemo wombat at nemo.house.cx
Fri Aug 24 00:12:43 GMT 2007

Hi, I was originally going to send this to Shayne directly, but thought there was no harm in getting wider thoughts... 

I got to play with the OpenMoko a bit last night (incidentally, the battery sure did die quick, but the 5L-FC (from my 6230) fitted into it fine and ran it a bit longer - otoh the openmoko battery was a slight little bit thicker than the nokia 5L-FC - and was too flat to start either phone up. 

Anyway, regarding the gui... in all honesty, I thought it was shockingly bad. Unintuitive and slow. I can only hope that being a first-release of the newstyle gui, that it has alot of tweaks ahead... 

However, since it's a development phone, and folks will be hacking at it, I wonder how possible an alternative GUI would be. Alternative to X that is. 

Picogui (picogui.org) is a sadly abandoned project which was aiming for embedded systems, but with alot of UI scalability. A couple of interesting screenshots of it's potential show multi-cursor support
http://picogui.org/Screenshots/20020525_dualmouse/photo_view.html and a pre-vista frosted-glass look

I'm sure lovers of X will tell me it's not as bloated as it's infamous for, and it sure has alot of existing support, but the speed of the UI I saw worries me for the Neo, and so I wonder if alternative gui frameworks have been considered?

Shayne: Any chance you can keep the list (or at least me if they don't care!) up to date with developments on the Neo? 


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