[clug] partitioning

Steve Granger steveg at magellan-technology.com
Thu Aug 23 06:23:58 GMT 2007

Michael James wrote:
> This partitioning system has served me well for years.
> Is there any reason to look at LVM or something else?
> /dev/hda1		64M	ext2	/boot
> /dev/hda2		64M	ext2	/altOS/boot
> /dev/hda3		2Gig	swap	swap
> /dev/hda5		16G	reiserfs	/
> /dev/hda6		16G	reiserfs	/altOS
> /dev/hda7		>200G	reiserfs	/home
> Considering that a 750G disk can be got for $320 at the computer markets
>  the /home partition that mops up the rest of the disk can still be huge.
> And it's a trivial sacrifice to put 16Gig aside
>  to have space for a non-destructive OS upgrade.
> So when I upgrade I install into  hda2 and hda6,
>  and boot with them as /boot and / respectively.
> Then I mount the old system as /altOS and pick through it
>  when I'm configuring the new system.

Interesting idea...

> Having a separate /boot partition used to be a necessity
>  in the days of buggy BIOSes, but still seems worthwhile.
> It obviated a slow return from hibernation probelm a while ago.
> It's also a good way to build a dual boot system,
>  put Windows into hda3 and slide GRUB in underneath it.

/boot is great for reinstalling grub if you wipe it out from the mbr
when installing other OS's.

I found this interesting even though it's in relation to the another OS

I've created a fat32 partition called /downloads which I find quite
handy for my home PC to share between OS's.


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