[clug] Installing Linux

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 03:51:13 GMT 2007

> > Pilcher, Fred wrote:
> > > I've just discovered the joys if Automatix for (K)Ubuntu:

> > Automatix is considered "actively dangerous to systems" by the Ubuntu
> > guys.

Me Three.

I too found it a while ago whilst trying to get a 19" and a 21"
External LCD to work on a T42 Thinkpad with Feisty (via DVI + VGA on a
dock) it did work eventually but I found it stuffed a lot of other
things up. :(

I suspect that in time they will iron out the bugs. Mind you by then
the major distros will have it sorted anyhow.  Why they didn't just
put their time into helping with the original upstream distros
(Debian) I have no idea. Takes all types I guess.


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