[clug] [OT] why "Do Not Call" register?

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Thu Aug 23 02:01:41 GMT 2007

On 23/08/2007, at 11:30 , David Tulloh wrote:

> I few the hastle of unsolicited phonecalls as the fact that the  
> phone rings.  Because when the phone rings I have to stop eating  
> dinner, get up from the table interrupting any conversation, wander  
> over to the phone and answer it.

I have a totally different approach - my answering machine exists to  
take calls for me. I then return calls when I can be bothered. The  
phone rings a few times, the answering machine picks up. I then - in  
my own good time - check the messages and call the people who I'm  
interested in talking to.

I do hear the voice of the caller when the message is being received  
though, so if it's important (eg: brother asking me to mind one child  
while he takes the other to emergency ward) I can answer. But I agree  
that the distraction of the call arriving in the first place is  

> PS: I wish to publically state that if a political member calls me  
> up and plays me an automated "Vote for me" message I will put them  
> last on my voting paper, regardless of how much I might agree with  
> their ideals.  I did it in the last local election, I will do it in  
> all future elections.

I don't put them last. Last is reserved for Liberal Party candidates,  
and always has been since I started voting.

Which probably explains why I never got John Howard's prerecorded  
message last election - they already knew I wasn't going to be swayed  
by bread and circuses.


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