[clug] [For sale] Series 1 TiVo, wireless hardware, books and other junk

Tim Potter tpot at samba.org
Fri Aug 17 09:38:46 GMT 2007

For sale - all computer junk must go to make way for baby junk!  

I can probably come to the next CLUG meeting, or you can pick stuff I
can carry on my bike up from Civic during business hours or Cook after

Series 1 TiVo, 40GB + 120GB hard drive, network card, NTSC Tuner, $250
  Compatible with oztivo images and guide data.  Requires external
tuning source, i.e a VCR.

Zensonic Z400 UPnP media player - $40
  Comes with Windows(tm) server software only.  Some water damage to

2 x Orinoco WaveLAN Silver PCMCIA cards - $20 ea
  Works with orinoco_cs Linux driver, supports 64-bit WEP only.

DWL-G520+ PCI wireless card - $20
  I couldn't get it to work under Linux using ndiswrapper or kernel.org
driver but it may work now.  Some water damage to box.

Linksys WUSB11 v4.0 802.11b Adapter (13b1:000b) - $20
  Also couldn't get working under Linux.  Didn't work when I plugged it
in to a laptop running Feisty.  Some water damage to box.

2 x Nokia phone chargers - $10ea
  For older Nokia phones taking 3.5mm plugs.

Speedtouch ADSL modem with single port 10MBit ethernet - $20
  Have a spare if your wireless one breaks.

Misc O'Reilly & other books/magazines - $10ea or otherwise indicated

  "The C Programming Language, 2nd ed", K&R, 0-13-110370-9, $30
     Yes, the actual K&R reference.

  "Make Magazine", vol 6 and vol 8
     Slight water damage. http://www.makezine.com/

  "MySQL & mSQL", Yarger, Reese & King, 1-56592-434-7
  "Python & XML", Jones & Drake Jr, 0-596-00128-2, $20

  "Windows 2000 Active Directory", Lowe-Norris, 1-56592-638-2

  "Writing Solid Code", Macguire, 1-55615-551-4

  "Web Design in a Nutshell", Niederst, 1-56592-515-7

  "Perl in a Nutshell", Siever, Spainhour & Patwardhan, 1-56592-286-7

  "Unit Test Frameworks", Hamill, 0-596-00689-6

  "Creating Applications with Mozilla", Boswell et al, 0-596-00052-9

  "Internetworking with TCP/IP, 2nd Ed", Comer, 0-13-468505-9

  "High Performance Computing", Dowd, 1-56592-032-5

  "Python Programming on Win32", Hammond & Robinson, 1-56592-621-8 $30


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