[clug] EMC 2 Celera NAS + MS AD + Mac OS 10.4 client

Mike J astro_mikel at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 15 02:41:51 GMT 2007


Can you mount the home drive using the terminal? Might give you a better 
error description.

Should be able to use mount.smbfs



>From: Mohammad Moore <m_r_m_moore at yahoo.com.au>
>To: linux at lists.samba.org
>Subject: [clug] EMC 2 Celera NAS +  MS AD  +  Mac OS 10.4 client
>Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 12:27:12 +1000 (EST)
>Hi All,
>I'm working in a mixed mode environment consisted of:
>1-MS AD on a windows 2003 server for authentication, policy setup, 
>user/client management etc.
>2-Home drives are located on EMC2 Celerra NAS.
>3-The client computers Win, Linux are binding to the MA AD. The Mac client 
>is binding via ADmitmac third party software from Thursby co.
>4-After succesful login the home drive will be mounted.  In case of 
>Windows, or Linux client there is no problems.  But in the Mac after the 
>home drive is mounting, will be disconnected within few minutes.
>So far I can't pin point the problem.  I have contacted the Thursby co. 
>they looked at the log files and concluded that the server is sending a 
>disconnect signal to the Mac client.  So far no luck to resolve this 
>My question is:  Does anyone has experience with EMC2 Celera, and where can 
>I look for the EMC2 log files to see the signal which it sends to the Mac 
>cleint.  Thank you in advance.
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