[clug] EMC 2 Celera NAS + MS AD + Mac OS 10.4 client

Mohammad Moore m_r_m_moore at yahoo.com.au
Wed Aug 15 02:27:12 GMT 2007

Hi All,

I'm working in a mixed mode environment consisted of:
1-MS AD on a windows 2003 server for authentication, policy setup, user/client management etc.
2-Home drives are located on EMC2 Celerra NAS.
3-The client computers Win, Linux are binding to the MA AD. The Mac client is binding via ADmitmac third party software from Thursby co.
4-After succesful login the home drive will be mounted.  In case of Windows, or Linux client there is no problems.  But in the Mac after the home drive is mounting, will be disconnected within few minutes.

So far I can't pin point the problem.  I have contacted the Thursby co. they looked at the log files and concluded that the server is sending a disconnect signal to the Mac client.  So far no luck to resolve this problem.

My question is:  Does anyone has experience with EMC2 Celera, and where can I look for the EMC2 log files to see the signal which it sends to the Mac cleint.  Thank you in advance.


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