[clug] Backups [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Roppola, Antti - BRS Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au
Thu Aug 9 07:35:42 GMT 2007

Nemo wrote:

> Whilst my media data is nicely seperated already on seperate drives, 
> it's still not much comfort that all my bits only exist exactly once. 
> I've probably been exceedingly lucky over the years, and some recent 
> random data corruption on my /home (via nfs) has spooked me.

An air gap (or at least electrically isolated gap) is an essential
component of any backup strategy. At the moment, I dump to DVDs, but
really want a separate backup server (say with a JBOD) that is not on
the same power as my server.

Someone I know had an electrical fault on their PC that friend *every*
component that was plugged into it at the time.

Adam wrote:
> Of course we had md5'd and rsynced a number of directories before this

> to check the data from the old RAID when we first started using it but

> obviously none of those directories had a file that was larger than
1GB in it.

Sounds like a project to develop and maintain a comprehensive set of
storage tests might be of benefit to all.


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