[clug] Migrating from Ubuntu dapper to Debian etch

Tony Lewis gnutered at yahoo.com.au
Thu Aug 9 05:51:06 GMT 2007

For kernel reasons (supported vserver kernel, bonus points for Xen too) I want to upgrade a colo box from Ubuntu dapper kernel + userland to Debian etch kernel (+ userland, probably).  This is all in the host.  The guests happily run a mix of Debian and Ubuntu.  The box is AMD64

I aim to try it tonight in a VMware instance, but am tight on time, so am after any heads ups.

Will it work (will it blend)?  Anything more tricky than changing the repos and dist-upgrade?  We'll be in at the colo, so will have hands on, but want to minimise downtime, risk and callout charges.

All advice gratefully received.


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