[clug] Re: mythtv-0.20, TinyUSB2 (Beetle) (firmware vp7045), SuSE 10.2, DiSEqCDevTree issue

on tour tourist5048 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 9 03:36:09 GMT 2007

Thanks for the advice provided by Tony and Ian.

I got a bright idea and downloaded mythtv-0.19 (!
doh), compiled it with the libraries I set up for
mythtv-0.20 and options as before.

The laptop recognised the TinyUSB2 and successfully
scanned the Canberra TV channels.  I was able to
record live TV too.

Doesn't solve those who are working with mythtv-0.20

Yes, Tony I did see your reference:
There are a few posts in other places on the same
topic but no clues.


--- on tour <tourist5048 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Oh! I've had enough of this challenge.
> I've had mythtv-0.18 work with the beetle and SuSE
> 10.1
> Now trying to do with mythtv-0.20

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