[clug] mythtv-0.20, TinyUSB2 (Beetle) (firmware vp7045), SuSE 10.2, DiSEqCDevTree issue

Ian darkstarsword at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 08:36:40 GMT 2007

Hi Gordon,

Can you eliminate permission problems with a:
# chmod 666 /dev/video*
# chmod 666 /dev/dvb/adapter*/*

I personally am running MythTV from SVN-Head as I discovered quite a
number of bugs in 0.20 that severely impeded my MythTV experience
compared to 0.19 (the kind of bugs that I feel are enough by
themselves to justify that mysterious 0.20.1 release...), though I was
able to at least use my tuner card. Anyway, if the above doesn't work
(or you find those same bugs that I did) I suggest you try checking
out the code from either SVN-Head or at least the 0.20-Fixes branch
and see if that works with your card.

SVN-Head is not guaranteed to be working at the time of checkout - one
of the svn updates I did last year happened to be in the few hours
where a bug that stopped MythTV from working at all had been
introduced and before the commit came in that fixed it. Other than
that I've probably updated about a dozen times with _almost_ no
serious problems. Oh, and I suggest not compiling MythPhone...


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