[clug] tomtom one

Andrew Loughhead andrew at incanberra.com.au
Wed Aug 1 11:56:28 GMT 2007

Sam Couter wrote:
> Cameron Patrick <cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au> wrote:
>> So I'm surprised that in this discussion, no one has mentioned the
>> proprietariness of the underlying map data yet!  I'd encourage you all
>> to have a peek at the openstreetmap project.
> Speaking of proprietariness... I've looked at OSM a few times (and plan
> on contributing if I can ever get the funds for a GPS past the budget
> committee), but why can't I do so without installing non-free software?
> The web site doesn't even lay out correctly in my browser
> (Iceweasel/Firefox). Where's the free love?
Unless I am missing some page layout failure, it works for me.  Firefox
1.5 on FC6. Maybe the iceweasel build is old or somehow different? 

What I was expecting was comment about the offline editor JOSM requiring
Java, and the online editor Potlatch requiring Flash.  I guess someone
else will have to bring those proprietary skeletons out of the closet...


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