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Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Wed Aug 1 08:55:07 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 01 August 2007 16:51, Neil Pickford wrote:
> So why don't a couple of the CLUG recipients post your versions of the
> Google letter to the list, then we can analyse what sort of common
> segments there are.
Mine (not from Bianca) looked like:
Hi Brad,

Hope you are doing well.

I am an Engineering Talent Scout here at Google. I came across your
background while looking through an article on the 2003 Linux Conference in
Australia. I noticed you were a speaker there, and have been a Linux user
since 1993.

I am hoping to tap into your expertise and see if you can help me out or
point me in the right direction.

I recruit for our Google.com <http://google.com/> Engineering team, also
known as Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), here at Google. This team is
essentially our "Mission Control," as they are responsible for keeping our
services up and running 24/7 for our users.

We look for individuals with strong knowledge and experience in three of the
following areas: System Administration (Linux/Unix), Networking (TCP/IP) and
Programming (Java, C, C++).

I would love to talk with you in more detail. I thought you, or perhaps
someone you know, would be interested in exploring opportunities with

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
<name, email address, phone and fax numbers snipped from here>

Why Google is the #1 place to work:

> Was it just a mail merge or something that required more research effort?
I think mine required a bit more research than just a mail merge. Not much - 
it could have from just one LCA page.

> Also all of unfortunates who didn't get one will then know what they
> look like. :(
A well informed source said that if you send them a polite "no thanks", 
they'll stop spamming you, but that won't prejudice your chances of getting a 
job later.

BTW: If anyone wants the contact details, let me know. There are better ways 
to get recruited though.

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