[clug] GPS and temperature

Jim Watson jim at amarooas.com.au
Fri Apr 27 09:00:08 GMT 2007

Cameron Patrick wrote:
> Mike Carden wrote:
>> And if I can dust off some of my 1980s radio practice, a crystal oven
>> may be employed in high stability applications because it's not too
>> difficult to regulate the temperature of something that you've heated
>> to well above ambient but it's rather tricky to maintain an ambient of
>> say 20 degrees because you'd need to both heat and cool the crystal to
>> do so.
> At university physics departments (and presumably similar situations
> where accuracy is more important than dollars), they use liquid nitrogen
> or helium to maintain a sensible ambient temperature for oscillators.
I believe its cool to reduce noise ;)

> The availability of such liquids also provides first and second year
> students with much entertainment :-)
> Cameron

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