[clug] Wireless access points?

Ben shadroth at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 02:31:30 GMT 2007

On 4/23/07, David Howe <david at qednet.biz> wrote:
> I have been toying with the idea of a pc come router/firewall and wireless
> access point for a little while. At this point I use monowall
> (www.m0n0wall.ch) and a Linksys wireless base station, but I feel that is
> one box too many.
> Does anyone have any experience with Linux support for 802.11g
> specifically as an access point, could this be rolled into something like
> vyatta (www.vyatta.com) or similar?

I have a couple of Mitsubishi R100s (rebadged Asus wl500g) routers
that I picked up from Deals Direct for ~$80ish each.

An opensource (I'm pretty sure it's Linux based) firmware (I think
released by Asus and now community maintained) exists, or at least one
with the some logos and web-ui has been created. - wl500g.info

I have the latest stable running on them, it was just a firmware file
upload. Not sure if you can ssh in, but I imagine you could set it up
if it's not available by default.

I think openwrt runs on them as well.

They are a bit older now, but have some really nice features - USB1
(for webcam or HDD/thumbdrive), parallel port + all the usuals for a
router box.

Stable as a rock too.


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