[clug] April Canberra Linux Users Group meeting

Andrew andrew at incanberra.com.au
Wed Apr 25 00:17:24 GMT 2007


I have never been to a clug meeting, I just read the list.  Anyway, I
could do a talk about OpenStreetMap, which I contribute to, tomorrow or
in the future.  OpenStreetMap seeks to be to map data what Wikipedia is
to encyclopedia's.  Street location data is collected by contributors
with gps, or from Yahoo aerial photography under an agreement with
Yahoo.  Pretty much any other feature data can be put in, as
contributors desire, all data is (currently) under a Creative Commons
license.  In Canberra we have quite a lot of data, but there is an awful
lot left to do.   See:


Try zooming into north Canberra, and changing to the "Osmarender" view
(the + at the top right of the map).  For north Canberra there is almost
complete street line work, but virtually none of it is tagged with names
or other attributes. 


chris wrote:
> If there is still no offer by later on today, I think it would be a
> good idea.
> Chris
> Robert Edwards wrote:
>> How about a couple of different people put up their hands to give brief
>> user-perspective talks on some of the recent releases, such as Etch,
>> Feisty, OpenSuSE (10.2?) and any others? This is a Users Group, so users
>> perceptions of the recent releases would be quite interesting.
>> Just a random idea.
>> Cheers,
>> Bob Edwards.
>> Chris Zhang wrote:
>>>     Canberra Linux Users Group Meeting - 26th April 2007
>>>     ====================================================
>>> Date:        26th April 2007 (Fourth Thursday of the month)
>>> Time:        19:00 - 21:00 (or when it finishes)
>>> Currently there are no talks scheduled. Would anyone like to volunteer?
>>> Venue:        Room N101
>>>         Computer Science and Information Technology Building
>>>         North Road
>>>         The Australian National University
>>>         See http://clug.org.au/ for more directions and a map
>>> Food/drink:    Pizza and soft drink/juice. Come hungry and bring
>>>         about $6 to cover the cost of your share if you want        
>>> some.
>>> If you would like to give a talk at a future meeting, please email me.

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