[clug] Wireless access points?

Rainer Klein rklein at tpg.com.au
Tue Apr 24 06:43:24 GMT 2007

> David Howe wrote:
> > I have been toying with the idea of a pc come router/firewall and
> > wireless access point for a little while. At this point I use monowall
> > (www.m0n0wall.ch) and a Linksys wireless base station, but I feel that is
> > one box too many.
> Indeed.  I felt the same way, so I purchased a Yawarra
> (http://yawarra.com.au) WRAP 1-1 box with a Senao 802.11a/b/g miniPCI
> card, aerial and mini-pigtail for around $500.  They can supply it with
> a CompactFlash card with pfSense (an expanded version of m0n0wall)
> preinstalled.  It's very nice.
> Mind you, I find myself thinking that, these days, for half that price
> you get a standard ADSL modem/router/wifi AP from your choice of
> manufacturer.  Sure, it doesn't actually run Linux - probably BSD,
> really - and you can't SSH into it or whatever, but it does pretty much
> everything you want and has all the same nice web frontends and so forth
> that pfSense and so forth provide.  Unless you're looking for
> functionality that that can't provide, I'd say one of those would be
> worth it.
> Have fun,
> Paul
Due to an upgrade to ADSL2, I recently purchased the Netcomm NB9W 
pre-configured from my ISP.

Here are its specs.
  Full featured ADSL2+ Broadband Modem
  Integrated VoIP, Router and 11g Wireless Access Point (access point not 
available of NB9)
  Choose to call out on either your VoIP or Landline Telephone service
  QoS (Quality of Service) Layer 3 Router to maintain VoIP call quality
  2 FXS Ports, 1 FXO Port (Lifeline) and 4-Port LAN Switch
  Simple Web based setup and configuration
  PSTN Lifeline support^
  Day-Time parental Control
  Supports advanced Call services – Caller ID, Call On-Hold, Call Forward,  
Call Waiting and Transfer†
 Afterburner™ and Xpress™ Wireless Booster functionality* (not available of 

After recognizing that the device supports SSH and IPTABLES, I've been digging 
around and ended up at a not so obvious support page from Netcomm offering 
the source for the device. 

I've send my request to their support department. They have replayed and 
advice me that a CD with the source should be on its way soon.


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