[clug] Ubuntu 7.04

Tarrant tarrant at aeria-design.com
Sat Apr 21 05:13:02 GMT 2007

I downloaded the iso the other day too, also did a dist-upgrade from edgy on
my laptop. Seamless to just change repositories. Was about a 900mb download
from my iiNet mirror. A noticeable performance boost in beryl after the
upgrade as well, it's got a Radeon 9600 mobility in it so it's not 'bad' but
it's a Radeon so it's out-of-the-box crappy. Yeah i haven't noticed too much
else that's different. 

Still looks all the same, same brown - or is that 'cause i did an upgrade
the themes haven't changed in default?

Installing it on a mates machine later today dual-boot win/linux. More
powerful machine, will see how it runs there too

- Tarrant

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On Fri, Apr 20, 2007 at 06:56:47PM +1000, Peter Anderson wrote:
> Colleagues,
> Just a very quick update. I downloaded Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) last 
> night and installed it today on my test PC. Wow! This is really very 
> nice. While its a little early for a thorough review, it just seems to 
> look and work very well. Two quick praise points:
>    * My test machine is a five year old Toshiba laptop and this is the
>      best graphics performance "out of the box" of any distribution I
>      have tried on this machine before. So far without any adjustment
>      fonts and lines are very sharp - dare I say, as good as Windows XP!!!
>    * The "Add/Remove" menu function has a huge number of applications -
>      many more than previously. It includes JRE 6, Amaya, FileZilla,
>      and many more.
> I am, so far, very impressed with Feisty.
> This install was written over another very interesting install. I had 
> PC-BSD previously installed. Now that is also a very interesting OS. 
> While the software repository is not that large, installing software is 
> easier than any other OS. However, the lack of software and difficulty 
> with some hardware make it (a very interesting) work in progress.

And just to mention, the Linux Australia Mirror has a full copy of the ISO
images for Ubuntu 7.04 and Kubuntu 7.04 at

Also there is a full ubuntu mirror available there now also point apt at

http://mirror.linux.org.au/ubuntu feisty main universe multiverse restricted

for example (all the older releases are also mirrored).

ftp and rsync are also available.

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