[clug] ATX system fan connectors

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Sun Apr 8 03:24:52 GMT 2007

Andrew Janke wrote:
>> > If you are after a completely software solution to the problem, then I
>> > think that you probably want to install lm-sensors which includes a
>> > shellscript called fancontrol. Once installed you use pwmconfig to
>> > calibrate the fans (it adjusts the voltage and looks for which fan
>> > slowed down, then it goes through a bunch of voltages asking you when
>> > the fan stops completely, and when it starts again).
>> This sounds cool, and close to what I want (although I assumed the BIOS
>> did all of that). What controller hardware is used to control the speed
>> of the fans?
> fancontrol really is a "suck it and see". The needed hardware is in
> the motherboard itself (presuming it exists! -- a lot of cheaper MB's
> skip this stuff). It is also true that most modern BIOS's do support
> this but usually only for the CPU fan.
> I know for certain that most Intel based ASUS boards do work and a lot
> of AMD based ones dont!

Well, now that I've got around to trying my AMD x2 gigabyte board just

$ sensors
Adapter: PCI adapter
Core0 Temp:
Core1 Temp:

So, what is "too hot" for a CPU core? Oh, and what cable do I need to
connect from the system fan connector on the motherboard to the fan? Is
there a limit to the number of fans I can hang off that connector?


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