[clug] PHP5 - POST variables not being sent

Tim Murphy tim at murphy.org
Sat Sep 30 03:45:08 GMT 2006

Hi all,
I have recently moved a website to a new server, and now no $_POST
variables are being sent.  I have set up a test script as follows:
            echo "<HTML><BODY>";
            echo "<pre>";
            echo "</pre>";
<FORM method=POST action="<?PHP echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>">
            <INPUT type="TEXT" name="1"><BR>
            <INPUT type="TEXT" name="2"><BR>
            <INPUT type="TEXT" name="3"><BR>
            <INPUT type="TEXT" name="4"><BR>
            <INPUT type="TEXT" name="5"><BR>
            <INPUT type="SUBMIT" name="submit"><BR>
When I run the script from my computer, I get the output:
    [1] => var1
    [2] => var2
    [3] => var3
    [4] => var4
    [5] => var5
    [submit] => Submit Query
However, when I run this from the new server, I always get
Any ideas anyone?  $_GET variables work fine, as do $_SESSION variables.
Thanks in advance

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