[clug] Zaurus Linux PDAs

Chris Smart chris at directnetit.com.au
Fri Sep 29 09:08:50 GMT 2006

> to quote Drew (and popular culture)
> "tell 'em the price, son"

It's on the website, but to summarise:

SL-C1000 is 32,500 Yen = AU$370 (according to xe.com)
CL-C3200 is 51,000 Yen = AU$580 (according to xe.com)

But you might also want:
Case at 1400 Yen = AU$16
Screen protector at 500 Yen = AU$6
USB cable (to plug usb devices into the PDA) at 500 Yen = AU$6
Wifi CF card at 5000 Yen = AU$57
Travel power adapter (JP to AU) at 200 Yen = AU$2.50
Headphones with cable remote (for music) at 5680 Yen = AU$65

And I'd probably post them back as I'm off to Hong Kong, at approx 3,000
Yen = AU$35

Those prices are approx and xe.com uses 88 Yen to the dollar, so prices
could vary depending on bank conversion rates, i.e in Kyoto I only for 76
Yen to the dollar converting cash :(

This guy is a Sharp reseller, prices I found at other stores were 65,000
Yen odd for the C3200 on its own.

Anyway, the offer is there if anyone (like me) who has wanted one for a
few years :)


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