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More AUUG 2006 conference details...

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This is the second in a series of previews of AUUG 2006 - The
Conference for Unix, Linux and Open Source Professionals.

This week we are highlighting tutorials covering internet security
and databases.

Ryan McBride will be presenting a full day tutorial on Advanced PF
Rulesets in PF, OpenBSD's stateful packet filter. As network and
policies become more complex and packet rates increase, more
advanced ruleset techniques become necessary. Ryan will outline
several PF ruleset paradigms that can be used to ensure rulesets
are scaleable both in performance and maintainability. In addition
to troubleshooting techniques, he will also cover some of the newer
and more advanced PF capabilities, including DoS mitigation
techniques, load balancing, and integration with routing, bridging,
carp, and IPSEC.

Ryan is an Information Security Consultant (originally from Canada),
who has over a decade's experience addressing security policy
development, Software Development, VPN design and deployment, firewall
configuration, and intrusion detection system deployment and monitoring.
He was worked with organisations as varied as small office to non-profit
organisations to "Fortune 50". When not wearing a suit, Ryan amuses
himself by working on OpenBSD's networking code. He will also be
presenting papers on The Continued Evolution of OpenBSD's Packet
Filter and Network Stack Randomness in OpenBSD.

Arjen Lentz (originally from Amsterdam, now residing Queensland)
will be teaching a half day tutorial on Optimizing MySQL Applications
Using the Pluggable Storage Engine Architecture.

Arjen has been working for MySQL AB (www.mysql.com) since 2001,
dealing with Documentation, Community Relations, licensing, and
acting as program chair for the 2005 and 2006 MySQL Users Conferences.
He is currently a Support Engineer and Trainer in the Australia
and New Zealand region.  Arjen also co-founded Open Source Industry
Australia Inc. (www.osia.net.au) and helps on the press team of Linux
Australia (www.linux.org.au). He will also be presenting a keynote
address "The Consumer is Dead - Long Live the Consumer" and a paper "An
Introduction to the MySQL Falcon OLTP Storage Engine".

In addition to Arjen's tutorial, Stewart Smith will be teaching a
tutorial on MySQL Clusters. Stewart is a Software Engineer working for
MySQL AB and is based in Melbourne.

AUUG2006 will be held at Rendezvous Hotel in Flinders Street, Melbourne
from Tuesday 10th October to Friday 13th October.
For more details on AUUG 2006 visit

I look forward to seeing you at AUUG 2006!

Adrian Close, President
AUUG - The Organisation for Unix, Linux and Open Source Professionals
Ph: +61 2 8824 9511;  Fax: +61 2 8824 9522;  mailto:adrian at auug.org.au

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