[clug] mirror.pacific.net.au issues

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Mon Sep 25 07:19:37 GMT 2006

Michael James wrote:
> IMHO none of the australian mirrors are worth a cracker.
Hmmm.  The Fedora Core archives seem to be pretty well up to date on
mirror.aarnet.edu.au, mirror.optus.net and mirror.pacific.net.au (as
well as mirror.internode.on.net, for us Internoders).  I realise that
not everyone cares about Fedora, but it does show that at least part of
their mirroring is up to date.
> mirror.aarnet.edu.au is so far out of date it wrecks CPAN.
I'm so glad you said that, I thought I must be going mad.  CPAN kept
breaking every time I wanted to install something, and even using the
other mirror (cpan.mirrors.ilisys.com.au) doesn't seem to fix it.  I see
that there's a site mirror.optus.net/CPAN - will try that...

Hoping that the mirroring situation will get sorted out in Australia soon,


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