[clug] AUUG 2006 conference open for registration

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Mon Sep 25 01:07:57 GMT 2006

This is the first in a series of previews of AUUG 2006 - The
Conference for Unix, Linux and Open Source Professionals.

This week we are highlighting keynote speakers Lars Rasmussen of
Google and Peter Gutmann of the University of Auckland.

Lars Rasmussen is a member of Google's technical staff and the lead
engineer of the team that created Google Maps.  Lars will discuss the
many pieces of the puzzle comprising Google Maps - in particular, the
pros and cons of AJAX, and delve into some particular technical
challenges that had to be met. Lars will also give a high-level
overview of the challenges involved in working with spatial data:
making it searchable, routable, and browsable.

Peter Gutmann is a self-confessed professional paranoid, who helped
write the popular PGP encryption package, has authored a number of
papers and RFC's on security and encryption, and is the author of the
open source Cryptlib security toolkit.

Peter will talk on the convergence of Internet Security Threats.  Just
as the Internet has subsumed all earlier networking technology
(ARPAnet, ATM, BITnet, DECnet, Ethernet, ISDN, JANET, NSFNET, and many
more), so an omnibus Internet security threat is gradually subsuming
all earlier discrete threats (ID theft, phishing, script kiddies,
spam, spyware, trojan horses, viruses). Instead of being small-scale
(if prolific) nuisances perpetrated mostly by script kiddies, these
blended threats are increasingly being created by professional
programmers and managed by international criminal organisations. The
Convergence of Internet Security Threats looks at the methods and
technology behind this blended virus/trojan/spam/ phishing/ID
theft/credit card fraud threat, various less-than- effective attempts
to address it via legislation, technology, and press releases, and
some suggestions for potentially effective legislation and other
protective measures.

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