[clug] using http://ra0.anu.edu.au:3128/ as a proxy for ubuntu repos

Robin Shannon robin at shannon.id.au
Sun Sep 24 09:40:26 GMT 2006

G'day all,

I have official ubuntu repos and unofficial ubuntu repos in my
sources.list. If i put Acquire::http::Proxy
"http://ra0.anu.edu.au:3128/"; in apt.conf it uses it as a proxy for
all my repos but since ra0.anu.edu.au doesn't mirror all the repos i
have it complains that it can't find some repos (the unofficial ones).
So is there any way to get it to use the ra0.anu.edu.au "mirror" for
some repos but not others?

I tried replacing http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu (or whatever it
is) with http://ra0.anu.edu.an:3128 in sources.list but that gave me
no luck.


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