[clug] Grub trouble

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 05:25:17 GMT 2006

Many thanks to Tony, Bob, Sam and David for your valuable input on
this. It appears that Ghost did indeed hose the mbr. I should have
known not to trust it when I saw file names being displayed during the
image creation process. WTF is an imager doing trying to understand
the bytes I want copied? Can't it just move blocks from A to B?

For the record, this (suitably edited) is the subset of the Ubuntu
community page that did the trick for me:
How to Restore the Grub Menu after a Re-Ghosting:

1. Boot from a Live CD, like Kubuntu 6.06.

2. Open a Konsole. Open a root terminal (that is, type "sudo -i" ).

3. Type "grub" which makes a GRUB prompt appear. Wait for grub to do
its probing thing.

4. Type "find /boot/grub/stage1". You'll get a response like "(hd0)"
or in my case "(hd0,1)". Use whatever your computer spits out for the

5. Type "root (hd0,1)".

6. Type "setup (hd0)". This is fine if you want to write GRUB to the
MBR (I did). If you want to write it to your linux root partition,
then you want the number after the comma, such as "(hd0,1)".

7. Type "quit".

8. Restart the system. Remove the bootable CD.

This gets me to the GRUB boot menu and I can select Kubuntu or XP now.
All is well, except XP doesn't seem to be able to see the USB keyboard
or mouse while Kubuntu has no trouble with them. Oh well, that's no
great loss. :-)


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