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Mon Sep 18 09:33:25 GMT 2006


> Bluetooth Headsets - A2DP Stereo and just plain Practical
> A Bluetooth Headset is not just practical - it can also save you  
> money. Anywhere in Australia, just touching your phone while  
> driving can cost a minimum $141 fine plus demerit points if you're  
> caught.
> Logic Gear V1.2 Bluetooth Headsets retail from $65.00 incl GST -  
> less than half the cost of the fine
> If you wear a Logic Gear Bluetooth headset, use voice tags and the  
> headset buttons, can have a totally legal phone conversation while  
> driving and it's a whole lot safer. No risk of fine and demerit  
> points - and with your mobile safely tucked away, no danger it will  
> turn into a missile in an emergency.
> NEW!! Just arrived for your listening pleasure - Logic Gear's new  
> A2DP Stereo Bluetooth Duo Headsets with or without adaptor with  
> 3.55mm audio plug.
> It works brilliantly with the new A2DP-Compliant Stereo Mobile  
> Phones - and, with the adaptor plugged in, as a wireless stereo  
> headset streaming from your iPod, TV or stereo. And works with BOTH  
> at the same time.
> Your A2DP stereo headset means you can stroll along listening to  
> your mobile's MP3 in your handbag or briefcase . When a call comes  
> in, the music will automatically pause and your headphones will  
> chirp to advise you of an incoming call (note - your stereo mobile  
> must be A2DP-compliant). To take the call you just touch your  
> headset's big Call button. When you hang up, the music resumes. No  
> swapping of ear pieces etc required.

On 2006 Sep 14, at 3:35 PM, Mathew Meins wrote:

> On 14/9/06 7:37 AM, "Kim Holburn" <kim at holburn.net> wrote:
>> Last Tuesday in the gadget section at the back of the Australian IT
>> section they had 2 pairs of bluetooth headphones.  They had a small
>> bluetooth dongle you could plug into your TV and you could pair the
>> headphones with your phone and laptop as well at the same time.  If
>> it could be done with headphones it could be done with a bluetooth
>> sound card.  Is there such a thing?  I just got a USB sound card
>> recently.  It's like a USB headset but has jacks to plug in your own
>> headphones.
> Sound cards and phones use two different Bluetooth profiles,  
> Advanced Audio
> Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Headset Profile (HSP). The main  
> difference
> between them is that HSP provides signaling to answer and hang up  
> calls etc,
> and it uses a codec that sounds lousy. A2DP, on the other hand, sounds
> pretty decent.
> Do these allow you to pair with both devices using A2DP, or only  
> one device
> with A2DP, and the other with HSP?
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