[clug] The Great CLUG website debate.

Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Sat Sep 16 16:38:38 GMT 2006

On Fri, 15 Sep 2006 23:27:51 +1000 Steve Walsh wrote:
> On a final note, Pascal threatened to mention his effort if no one
> else did, so if you think nothing is as static as a wordpress blog,
> take a look at clug.aeria-design.com

Well, rather waiting upon me to turn that into a static page as apposed
to the current dynamic page, feel free to visit it now -- it's not like
there would be a tremendous difference between the design idea I am
trying to show people if I were to not using dynamically rendered

The reason it is running WordPress at the moment is simple: it was
easier to put that together than code it by hand: getting a small
database running, installing a blogging engine and selecting one of 500
themes can be easier sometimes than hacking together an XHTML 1.0 strict
page with CSS 2.0 (or was it 1.0?)

So yea, please do take a look. :)

If anyone wants to have administration rights to either see how nice and
easy WP is or wants to change themes (there are about 20 more installed
in this instance of WP on that server) to see how other designs might
look like for our to-be-revamped clug site,just shoot me an email.

I can also just copy more themes into the /wp-content/themes directory
if anyone wants to play with anymore.

And if WP scares you, there is always the Open Source Web Design
template site. It is essentially a repository of XHTML + CSS + sometimes
imagery that people can quite freely use for anything really. It can be
found at: http://www.oswd.org/, though note that content on that page is
dynamically delivered also.

If we decide to use something from WP we can just use a browser to save
the page and then take out the images and CSS and then we have a static
page. Simple and easy.

Cheers all and happy SFD!

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