[clug] The Great CLUG website debate.

Steve Walsh Steve at nerdvana.org.au
Fri Sep 15 13:27:51 GMT 2006

After much to-ing and fro-ing, the following results came out from last night's 
PSIG meeting.

*The Website is staying where it is (on the LOPP box at ANU). Space and traffic 
is not an issue.

*Steve Walsh and Tony Breeds will work on the CLUG/LOPP portal making it pretty 
and getting ready for use by everybody. This site will have a number of sections 
to it, like hardware reviews, notices of the next meeting dates, Bob's Holy 
grail (ala The Linux Hardware Compatability Database), etc.

*Down the track, we *might* look at a wiki or planet or something, but we'll 
cross that bridge when we need to.

*The current front page of clug.org.au to be redesigned as a static page (yes, a 
static page) that is fast to load, and not dominated by the map. Something that 
has the information a new or existing visitor to or member of CLUG might want to 
hit to get the low down on what's happeneing. This is open to everybody to 
submit a design for, so start herding that HTML into shape. We'll probably have 
a look at the designs sometime in the next month, so we'll call the cut off date 
the 10th October.

On a final note, Pascal threatened to mention his effort if no one else did, so 
if you think nothing is as static as a wordpress blog, take a look at 


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