[clug] share speaker through bluetooh or network?

David Collett davec at internode.on.net
Thu Sep 14 11:54:41 GMT 2006

On Thu, Sep 14, 2006 at 09:06:33AM +1000, Michael Cohen wrote:
> Hi Chris,
>   This sort of thing is normally done using upnp - and gstreamer. You install a
>   upnp "render" e.g. GMediaRender on the machine physically connected to the
>   speaker, and then all your apps stream to it over the network. I know some
>   people who use a small router with a usb sound card as a way to wirelessly
>   stream music to speakers. See openwrt for example.

Yeah, this is pretty cool solution.
I mostly wanted to play music through the network rather than share
speakers per-se so its not quite the same thing. To this end I ported
alsa, some libs and some apps to openwrt. See here:


I'm interested in the full speaker sharing thing too. I think pulseaudio
looks like it might be the way to go. It's on my todo list to try this
out on a wireless router. Pulseaudio looks like an evolution of esd but
with more features...

Hardware wise, anything on the openwrt.org supported hardware list with
USB ports is a good choice. I have a netgear wgt634u and an asus WL500g
which both work great with cheapo USB soundcards from ebay/computer
fair. Another interesting option is the linksys wma11b which runs linux
and has a built-in soundcard. See here for info:



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