[clug] share speaker through bluetooh or network?

Christopher Zhang u4123459 at anu.edu.au
Thu Sep 14 03:34:20 GMT 2006

I also thought about a hardware solution and found one here http:// 

My problem isn't as complex as yours, but I also like to keep my  
desktop as clean as I can. That's why I didn't even go for a wired  
network solution, wireless and bluetooth, no strings attached.



On 14/09/2006, at 10:16 AM, Paul Wayper wrote:

> Chris Zhang wrote:
>> I have a laptop, a desktop and a set of external speakers. I found it
>> extremely annoying to switch cables around whenever I have to if  
>> the cable
>> is inserted into the other machine. Is there a way to share my  
>> external
>> speakers between my two computers, maybe using Bluetooth or across  
>> wireless
>> network? What I am thinking is maybe there is a way to direct  
>> audio output
>> to a dedicated sound card, either through Bluetooth or network?
> Would you like to buy my hardware solution?
> I had the reverse of this problem a long while ago - one computer, one
> pair of speakers, one pair of headphones when I didn't want to intrude
> my music on the rest of the house.  I got a four-pole three-way rotary
> switch from DS and some headphone jacks and some lead, and made a  
> switch
> box.  It's nothing fancy.  Yours for $10 :-)
> Since your computer and laptop are in the same room, I though a  
> hardware
> solution might be the most practical alternative.
> I'm selling because I'm upgrading to my new 'Matrix' version - nine  
> switches in a three-by-three matrix, so I can take separate inputs  
> from
> my main machine, my web server and my Karma, and feed it to my  
> speakers
> and my two pairs of headphones.  When I've finished soldering it
> together, I'll be able to route sound from any source to any sink,
> merging or splitting, as required.  It's not a full-blown solution  
> - it
> doesn't provide a standardised impedance via coils and resistors,  
> but it
> should do the trick.
> I should stop now before I get carried away - too much reading Girl
> Genius :-)
> Have fun,
> Paul
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