[clug] share speaker through bluetooh or network?

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Thu Sep 14 00:16:49 GMT 2006

Chris Zhang wrote:
> I have a laptop, a desktop and a set of external speakers. I found it
> extremely annoying to switch cables around whenever I have to if the cable
> is inserted into the other machine. Is there a way to share my external
> speakers between my two computers, maybe using Bluetooth or across wireless
> network? What I am thinking is maybe there is a way to direct audio output
> to a dedicated sound card, either through Bluetooth or network?
Would you like to buy my hardware solution?

I had the reverse of this problem a long while ago - one computer, one
pair of speakers, one pair of headphones when I didn't want to intrude
my music on the rest of the house.  I got a four-pole three-way rotary
switch from DS and some headphone jacks and some lead, and made a switch
box.  It's nothing fancy.  Yours for $10 :-)

Since your computer and laptop are in the same room, I though a hardware
solution might be the most practical alternative.

I'm selling because I'm upgrading to my new 'Matrix' version - nine DPDT
switches in a three-by-three matrix, so I can take separate inputs from
my main machine, my web server and my Karma, and feed it to my speakers
and my two pairs of headphones.  When I've finished soldering it
together, I'll be able to route sound from any source to any sink,
merging or splitting, as required.  It's not a full-blown solution - it
doesn't provide a standardised impedance via coils and resistors, but it
should do the trick.

I should stop now before I get carried away - too much reading Girl
Genius :-)

Have fun,


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