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On Fri, Sep 01, 2006 at 08:06:28PM +1000, Tarrant wrote:
> I'm considering studying either Bachelor of IT, or Software Engineering at
> ANU (not next year, but the year after - deferring to earn that precious
> thing called money) but I am having difficulty making the decision between
> the two for a list of reasons. Just wondering if any of the fellow members
> are currently studying, or have studied software engineering - and if you
> are happy to answer some questions I may have, could you please drop a
> message to Tarrant at aeria-design.com

(Late reply, but...)

I was in the inaugural B.SEng group at ANU, and my understanding of it
was basically a B.IT with built-in honours and more strict requirements
for people heading towards lead-programmer/manager and particularly
contracting/consulting roles.

Someone involved in the development of the course (I forget who, a
friend of my father) told me it was to address the problem that you just
can't fit enough IT into a three-year degree.

It enforced several units otherwise optional for B.IT (Third-year
algorithms, higher math in first-year) and threw in units needed for
Engineering ratification (Project Management, Finance, Law, Engineering
Group Project and an individual project).

I eventually changed tack when I realised I wanted to do more than just
IT, and you can't double-degree B.SEng with Asian Studies. ^_^

Also, I'm crap at Project Management, it turns out. Real life has shown
this to be true too, so that was a lucky escape all 'round.

Although I'm _really_ _really_ glad I had the opportunity to do the Law
and Finance units.

For reference, the Law and Finance units when I took the course were
basically the same as the ones you take in first-year B.Commerce.

Project Management for that matter was (the second time around) shared
with the B.Eng students.

I'd recommend enrolling in the course to get access to the Law and
Finance units, and also 'cause I think the higher-level math and
software development units are worthwhile even if you're not going to
come out the other side with a B.SEng.

Originally, the degree was specified with a free-choice section, with
the requirement that it include a third-year unit, but due to limited
credit points to spend, the free-choice section had to either be from
the Science faculty, or Modern Standard Chinese A, B and C (which due to
a numbering accident met the on-paper requirements for a "3000-series

I was told this was actually intentional (The science part, not the
Modern Standard Chinese part) which I think is pretty horrific, but
that's an entirely different rant.

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