[clug] LCA 2007 Miniconf Openoffice.org

Jim Watson jim at amarooas.com.au
Wed Sep 13 04:40:47 GMT 2006

On 13/09/2006, at 1:52 PM, Michael Still wrote:

> Jim Watson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I submitted a proposal for the OpenOffice.org miniconf.
>> Anyone who likes to do a presentation or contribute some way,  
>> please visit the wiki or mail me:
>> http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/LCA_2007_Miniconf
> I don't see anywhere on the wiki page to propose a talk. Am I blind?
> Mikal


not blind - it is just I had nothing to put in there yet.

i will put something on the page now and email you to check it when  

anyone has the option to:
(a) email me or
(b) make an account and edit the wiki,

There is a link in the far top right hand corner to make an account,  
but i am happy to enter things if anyone emails me,

The program is totally flexible and probably will remain that way  
until the end ;)



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