[clug] Job opportunities for LAMP and Linux

Justin Freeman justin at agileware.net
Wed Sep 13 03:16:30 GMT 2006


We are actively looking to employ two people in response to the growing demand for FOSS services. Ideally, I'd like to support new local talent, preferrably Uni. or College graduates who are smart/keen and just need a break to get into the IT industry.

The work will be a mixture of LAMP development, Linux administration (desktop & server) and FOSS system installs/ maintenance/ customisation. So I expect that you will have some existing skills in LAMP or Linux (if not, why are you on this mailing list?). Having some good graphic design skills would be a real bonus.

If you are currently employed but want to change jobs (perhaps working for a Microsoft-monoculture-only-shop?) then feel free to apply as well.

So if you are interested or know someone that might be please email the resume to justin at agileware.net. I will respond to all applications.


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