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Kristy Bennett kbennett at homemail.com.au
Tue Sep 12 21:49:31 GMT 2006

Hi all!

Been a bit under the weather (wisdom teeth removal, cold/flu, sleep 
deprivation etc etc).  Can I add another whammy in there.  There has 
also been some discussion elsewhere about a Canberra Chapter of Linux 
Chix as well as a universal site that points to each of the Australian 
Chapters.  Can and/or should we add that to the scope of the discussion 
and/or project?

Martin Schwenke wrote:

I've just had a chat with the people who control and administer the
clug.org.au domain and associated web site(s).  Here's a summary and
some comments:

* Hosting is not an issue.  Past and current machines used to host
  clug.org.au have been stable and the people who run those machines
  are still around.  The site does not need to move (again).

I concur.  We have ample hosting services available and as one of those 
7+ people I know that there is no point paying at all! (As there are 
several us who would do it for free if we didn't have the boxes already 
provided for us.)

* The only thing that is (badly) dated about the current CLUG web site
  is the "Projects" section.

  The proposal is to remove the "Projects" section and move the map
  (which dominates the current page) to to a secondary page.  This
  will unclutter the main page and allow links to other sites to be
  more visible (see next point).

I envisage that more needs to be done than this, however, that's the 
marketer coming out and some of you may prefer I put that aspect of my 
life back in it's box!!  Alternatively, you may want to see it roam free 
for a while if I can work my way out of what already is a double booking 
for Thursday.

* I believe the admin staff of clug.anu.edu.au (the current postnuke
  site) are happy to assign rights to allow people to manage various
  news pages.  The main CLUG web page can have a "Latest News" link
  (or similar) added that points to <http://clug.anu.edu.au/> (or

As above.  But I think more can be done with that also.

* The only other thing that people seem to be mentioning is a wiki.
  We're hoping that someone will strike up a friendly conversation
  with someone at Linux Australia and convince them to run a wiki for
  LUGs in Australia.  Nobody I spoke to was terribly keen on running a

I am not keen either.

  Alternatively, if someone runs a well maintained wiki then it might
  be a good idea to link to it from the main CLUG web site.

<nod with hesitance />
<letting marketer out of box>

I think that there is a lot that can be done with the web site to:
* increase awareness of CLUG in (in away that encourages n00bs)
* provide promotion to projects that CLUGgers are working on
* assist in the raising of profiles of other like-minded groups (such as 
PERL mongers, Linux Chix etc)
* promote the ethos of FOSS and any special activities that are being 
run (for SFD etc)
* increases the profile of CLUG in the social &/or political arenas (esp 
since we are in Canberrra)

However, this *really* depends on what you want from the web site.  This 
list is neither exhaustive (yes, there could be more) nor is it in any 
order of priority (other than the way my brain spat them out).

</letting marketer out of box>

I will be aiming to be there Thursday night so count me in on the 
discussion (providing my voice doesn't completely disappear by then).



Kristy Bennett
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