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Tarrant tarrant at aeria-design.com
Tue Sep 12 10:49:13 GMT 2006

Yeah, when you sign up you can enter a referee (my account name or e-mail
address for example) or enter a promo code and get the discounted (setup by
someone such as myself with an account) to discount you. The discounts are
pretty customisable, I'll have a look at how much I can actually take off
the year cost.

In response to the security policy. I did some snooping around the
/home/.esp directors - as they have a big filer I'm assuming mounted over
the network. I couldn't get into anyone elses directories, I tried at least
10 at random, so while there's more then 10 users - I feel that it's secure
in that sense. I have not however tried using a PHP script to open folders,
as the web server would be running that action. I could be wrong? Few months
ago seems too soon to when I tried it.

- Tarrant

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This is just for my own personal use / mucking around. I don't have
the physical space or motivation to set up and maintain my own
systems, so I'm looking for a 3rd party option.

I'm thinking about giving the base package a go. I noticed on the site
you can get a kickback if I say you recommended me. Do you know if
that's mutually exclusive of the promo code thing you mentioned?


On 9/12/06, Tarrant <tarrant at aeria-design.com> wrote:
> Dale,
> Well, i looked around aussie servers for ideas. there's a phphosting one
> pretty good but didn't offer enough. See while dreamhost may seem like
> "over selling" by offering 20 gigs HDD space and all this they still have
> ability to host it all pretty well. It's like gmail and 2 gigs, people
using 2
> gigs is not likely.
> uhh I actually bought my original year of hosting on a 'promotion code'
> if it's 9.95/month USD so 119.4$/year USD it actually cost me 39.95 for my
> year. I have the ability to create promotion codes if you want to pay the
> but that only applies for one year of hosting. If you have clients paying
> for the website it means you can offer 'less' for the first year, or
> catching and strategic market wise. Or you can just take the profits and
> them in other things related to hosting - such as the following years
costs of
> hosting.
> In terms of SSH - I have a MUSH being hosted on it. I have used the
servers to
> compile C and C++ stuff, so it's pretty unrestricted. You're not chrooted
> either. It could potentially be a security hole, but it seems (from my
> around) pretty secure.
> - Tarrant

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