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Tue Sep 12 09:50:43 GMT 2006

two examples of this "XP live cd" concept are :

Barts PE
ERD commander

but neither are replacements for the linux bootcd's in either the tools
installed by default or ease of use

On 9/11/06, Mike J <astro_mikel at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry everyone i'll explain a bit better.
> I work in a school environment (windows). We have special labs where
> students bring in their own laptops and use them at school, we want to
> have
> our own moe (managed operating env). But the idea at the moment is to
> image
> the laptops with seperate partitions for the moe and their home oe.
> I like the idea but it would be time consuming and i think it could be
> done
> some other way.
> The way i see it happening in my head is.....
> Insert linux live dvd (no user interaction)
> Auto start windows XP vmware image or session or something else?
> Student logs into domain
> Student runs XP and uses apps like office, usb key, network drives
> this might not be possible just thought id ask, see if anyone had done
> anything like this or similar or just has any input.
> thanks again.
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> >On 11/09/06, Mike J <astro_mikel at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >>
> >>Hello all,
> >>
> >>Has been involved with windows xp live cds?
> >>I was hoping to have labs of notebooks that could use windows live
> cd/dvd
> >>to
> >>login to a domain and use office etc....
> >
> >
> >Why must the notebooks be running live CDs? perhaps if you told us more
> of
> >what you want to use it for we could suggest alternatives.
> >
> >paz,
> >-rjs.
> >
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