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Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Tue Sep 12 04:53:01 GMT 2006

Note that I've picked a random (but relevant) post in this thread to
respond to...

>>>>> "Tarrant" == Tarrant  <tarrant at aeria-design.com> writes:

    Tarrant> Yeah, i can understand the private hosting and things,
    Tarrant> although i'm pretty prepared to say it's a somewhat
    Tarrant> stable service if it is somewhat 'private'. It's not
    Tarrant> going anywhere as i host too many sites [...]

I've just had a chat with the people who control and administer the
clug.org.au domain and associated web site(s).  Here's a summary and
some comments:

* Hosting is not an issue.  Past and current machines used to host
  clug.org.au have been stable and the people who run those machines
  are still around.  The site does not need to move (again).

* The only thing that is (badly) dated about the current CLUG web site
  is the "Projects" section.

  The proposal is to remove the "Projects" section and move the map
  (which dominates the current page) to to a secondary page.  This
  will unclutter the main page and allow links to other sites to be
  more visible (see next point).

* I believe the admin staff of clug.anu.edu.au (the current postnuke
  site) are happy to assign rights to allow people to manage various
  news pages.  The main CLUG web page can have a "Latest News" link
  (or similar) added that points to <http://clug.anu.edu.au/> (or

* The only other thing that people seem to be mentioning is a wiki.
  We're hoping that someone will strike up a friendly conversation
  with someone at Linux Australia and convince them to run a wiki for
  LUGs in Australia.  Nobody I spoke to was terribly keen on running a

  Alternatively, if someone runs a well maintained wiki then it might
  be a good idea to link to it from the main CLUG web site.

Easy...  :-)

peace & happiness,

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