[clug] Re: Dreamhost

Tarrant tarrant at aeria-design.com
Tue Sep 12 01:54:19 GMT 2006


Well, i looked around aussie servers for ideas. there's a phphosting one that's
pretty good but didn't offer enough. See while dreamhost may seem like they're
"over selling" by offering 20 gigs HDD space and all this they still have the
ability to host it all pretty well. It's like gmail and 2 gigs, people using 2
gigs is not likely.

uhh I actually bought my original year of hosting on a 'promotion code' where
if it's 9.95/month USD so 119.4$/year USD it actually cost me 39.95 for my full
year. I have the ability to create promotion codes if you want to pay the 39.95,
but that only applies for one year of hosting. If you have clients paying you
for the website it means you can offer 'less' for the first year, or something
catching and strategic market wise. Or you can just take the profits and invest
them in other things related to hosting - such as the following years costs of

In terms of SSH - I have a MUSH being hosted on it. I have used the servers to
compile C and C++ stuff, so it's pretty unrestricted. You're not chrooted
either. It could potentially be a security hole, but it seems (from my poking
around) pretty secure.

- Tarrant

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