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Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Mon Sep 11 14:49:48 GMT 2006

Throw on a wordpress blog -> 10 minutes of editing and finding a nice
theme -> add some quick content for an about page, a contact page and a
map page for how to find us (copy most of the stuff from the current
clug page) -> add entries for each month's get-together and perhaps
entries for results of a month (ie. install-fest photos, SFD
photos, ...).

= nice site people will look for information concerning FLOSS here in

Overall work = less than 3 hours.

I'm willing to do it over the next weekend if someone can do the
background stuff (set up the wordpress install, mysql database, point
domain name to Tarrant's server, ...).

What do you think Tarrant? We could do this during a few frees even at
college. :)


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> I have an awesome hosting account with www.Dreamhost.com. Sure it's
> American
> but you can't go wrong with a terabyte of data transfer a month, 20
> gigs of
> HDD space - up to about 75 actual SSH accounts, unlimited domains -
> and yeah
> I'll stop before I sound like I'm plugging it as I'm not. 
> My real point is - it has ruby, php, mysql, all this lovely support,
> especially considering you can run things from an SSH terminal. 
> I'm happy to do some hosting for people if they like. Might as well
> make the
> most of the account. Goes for the CLUG website too. I host my site &
> blog
> plus a few others on it.
> - Taz
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