[clug] Re: Software Freedom Day

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Mon Sep 11 09:32:41 GMT 2006

Stephen Boyd wrote:

> Nothing wrong with static (x)html as long as it is updated regularly and
> the content is interesting.

FWIW: I designed the plug.org.au site a couple of years ago so that it
uses static HTML.  (At the time our web server was an xbox and so
anything CPU intensive was out of the question.)  To keep a consistent
look we're using wml to generate the html files.  From my perspective,
though, the most important advance over the previous web site we had is
the prominent "Next event" heading at the bottom.  I note that
slug.org.au has something similar; from memory the PLUG site was
modelled on the SLUG site at the time.

CLUG could have something similar.  You'd just have to remember to
update the site when sending out the announcement e-mails.  (This could
probably be automated, although we haven't bothered to do that for


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