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Tarrant tarrant at aeria-design.com
Mon Sep 11 07:00:40 GMT 2006

First off - I haven't personally heard of a windows live cd... It's too big
I would have thought.

It'd be huge having a vmware session inside a live cd. DVD kind of size at
least I would think.

Live CDs joining the domain? I guess you could make individual live CDs of
windows so each CD had a different machine account. Still I don't see how
it'd work properly

Have you considered using a live CD that has fstab setup to mount network
shares or a script of some sort so when the user clicks it they can login
with their user & pass, this would then mount the appropriate shares with
the correct user accounts? Could that not be sufficient? 

Terminal sessions are an alternative - a server running XP, using something
like VNC even (which happily runs under linux and I'd image a live CD too).
That doesn't really create separate sessions per user though. Terminal
servers can do that though...

Yep that's my two bits

- Taz

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Hello all,

Has been involved with windows xp live cds?
I was hoping to have labs of notebooks that could use windows live cd/dvd to

login to a domain and use office etc....
If there is no such thing i was thinking maybe a linux live cd then running 
a virtual windows XP session over that using vmware or something 
similar.....any ideas?

Very open to ideas at this stage, it has to run Windows XP and it has to 
join a Windows domain.

Thanks all

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