[clug] Server questions

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Mon Sep 11 03:00:22 GMT 2006


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> >  I have a new Collax server I am evaluationg for a 
> not-for-profit.  CXS is a small business server that competes 
> with MSFT SBS and it will replace a very old NT4.0 server.  
> Remote admin is done through firefox and it uses wizards.  
> LDAP was installed during the inital installation and this is 
> my first actual use of ldap.  I made the server a Primary 
> Domain Controller and I am trying to join an XP pc into the 
> domain.  I created two users on cxs with a matching login ids 
> to the XP machine.

That would create pass-through authentication, not domain authentication.

The questions I would be asking are...
Do you have to join the XP machines to the domain?  (try it and see)
Do you need an account for the PC's as well as the users? (check any
security logs that may exist)
XP also has other peculiar behaviours where a client cannot access/login to
a domain if:
(a) the time difference on the machines is more than 7 minutes.
(b) the default gateway and DNS are not set to address of the DC, thus
causing requests to end up being broadcasted and then blackhold. (set static
IP's and options pointed to the new server and see if this helps.


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