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Jsparksaa at cs.com Jsparksaa at cs.com
Sun Sep 10 18:54:27 GMT 2006


  I have a new Collax server I am evaluationg for a not-for-profit.  CXS is a small business server that competes with MSFT SBS and it will replace a very old NT4.0 server.  Remote admin is done through firefox and it uses wizards.  LDAP was installed during the inital installation and this is my first actual use of ldap.  I made the server a Primary Domain Controller and I am trying to join an XP pc into the domain.  I created two users on cxs with a matching login ids to the XP machine.

  (The user create wizard is very barebones: you enter a login id, the users full name and the user's pasword.  There are options after the fact to disable the account and add the user to other groups.)

  I cannot login to the cxs machine with this new id, through the console or ssh.  I am prompted for a pasword, but I am just dropped back to the original login after I enter the password.  There is no message indication why the login does not take place.  

  I experimented by entering a valid login id with valid and invalid passwords and I am not authenticated with a valid login and invalid password.  Likewise, if I use an invalid login I am booted out right away with 'unknown user.'

  The server is advetised as being secure out-of-the-box, so is there a feature I must activate to allow new logins to work?

  BTW: the CXS domain is visible to XP and the home dirs are being shared.  I verified that a user can access (r/w) thier own directory and they have no access to any another directory

  Thanks very much for your help,


(http://collax.com/ for those interested.)

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