[clug] Re: Software Freedom Day

Steve Walsh Steve at nerdvana.org.au
Sun Sep 10 14:12:07 GMT 2006

> I think that it might be an idea to consider the possibility of quite a
> few more people at this month's clug session. Although I doubt people
> will bring their computers expecting an install fest or something of the
> sort but perhaps it might make sense not talking about the kernel or
> something quite technical like that -- however cool it could be.

As easy as it sounds to shuffle talks around, it's not. Paul's inviting of the 
PCUG people to talk at the June CLUG meeting ended up with gaping holes as 
people pulled out and shuffled and declined for July and August. Thankfully, a 
number of people stepped up and filled those gaps at short notice, but that's 
not the case every month. It's only this month that I've finally managed to get 
back on track and pin someone down for September and October ( I like to keep a 
month ahead, which allows for a sudden avalanche of work to appear on my desk 
and not have it interfere with CLUG organising stuff, as small as it may be.).

> We could get information out to interested people who look at the
> clug.org.au page but editing that somewhat and adding applicable
> information for the month's event.
> Maybe we could even go as far as spicing it up like the sluggers did
> with theirs. :)

We are fairly restricted in what we can do in terms of spicing the current 
clug.org.au page up, as (IIRC) the website is hosted on the ozlabs webserver 
which does not support PHP or MYSQL, So that kinda restricts us to static HTML.

Tony Breeds and I are working on preparing the clug.anu.edu.au site to be the 
new CLUG website, but I doubt it will be ready in the next week or two. Things 
may change, now that I've wrapped up some major projects, but again, work at 
this time of year has a nasty habit of creeping up on me.

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