[clug] Software Freedom Day

David Symons david.symons at liberatedcomputing.net
Sun Sep 10 00:18:56 GMT 2006

on 09/09/06 22:38 Chris Smart said the following:
> On Saturday 09 September 2006 08:28, Michael Cohen wrote:
>> Just a quick email to thank all those that gave their day for SFD.
> Yes I agree. Well done to everyone who was involved, it was excellent!

Thanks Michael and Chris,

We had an excellent day.  Handed out ~250 leaflets and ~370 Free and
Open Source Software CDs/DVDs of various kinds (TheOpenCD, Gentoo and
Ubuntu along with some SUSE Demo DVDs).  Demonstration PCs were running
Xubuntu, Gentoo, Ubuntu and a piping hot off the press Kororaa 0.3
pre-release.  Various software on show - Blender (and the Elephants
Dream movie) were a particular feature.

Being within a computer market meant we had a ready-filtered audience of
people with at least a passing interest in computers.  Of those I spoke
to, most had heard of Linux/FOSS and were willing to give it a try or in
many cases _another_ try having been assured that the user experience
(particularly hardware support) has improved markedly in recent times. 
I feel that a good proportion of the CD's we gave away will actually get
a run.

A big thankyou to the team: Brian Bishop, Daniel Black, Neill Cox,
Pascal Klein, Rainer Klein, Evan Leybourn, Troy Newell and Steve Walsh
as well as to Matthew Oliver and Chris Smart for their effort to get
Kororaa ready and drop it in.

Cheers, Dave.

David Symons
Canberra, Australia

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