[clug] RE: MakeTheMove Website Demo

Mike(y) mikey at ozgamer.net
Thu Sep 7 20:45:16 GMT 2006

On 07/09/2006, at 10:48 PM, Alex Osborne wrote:
> Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
>> The term "to own" has a specific legal meaning.
> True, but in my interpretation Mike was taking a more practical  
> view of
> ownership - that of control. If I stole your toaster (and of course  
> was
> not caught), I might not legally or even ethically own it, but as  
> far as
> utility is concerned I would. I could use it to make my vegemite  
> toast,
> I could sell it, I could lend it to my neighbour, I could dismantle it
> and use bits of for a case mod etc.

And in the case you described above, if I published a web site saying  
that you now owned my toaster without my consent (ie that you stole  
it), then you could send pointy lawyers to poke me.

Ditto Microsoft. Their lawyers are really pointy.

Also, as has been talked about before, the whole make-the-move thing  
should try to remain upbeat and positive. Any scaremongering or FUD  
that it spreads will kill its credibility and appeal.


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