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Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Thu Sep 7 13:26:39 GMT 2006

On Thursday 07 September 2006 12:44, Edward Lang wrote:
> Hi,
Hey Edward,
Thanks for your email, it's greatly appreciated!
> One thing I've noticed in a corporate environment is that the TCO of a
> GNU/Linux system is of greater value than the price of individual
> components. Suitability / compatibility, design, testing, development,
> deployment, support and all that jazz. I know the large companies with
> a F/OSS bent are doing their hard sell on each of those topics but if
> the target audience for this website includes suits, then it may be
> worthwhile including responses to each of those items I listed (and
> more / fewer, as the case may be).
This is true, maybe we can include a business section to help cover these 
areas? Essentially it is aimed at home users, but why not also tackle the 
work place, if it can be done. Good ideas, thanks!
> As a home consumer, I was shocked to find myself purchasing a licenced
> copy of Windows so I could use a particular piece of software. (WoW
> under Wine on AMD64 using Ubuntu's 64-bit environment is no fun, as I
> discovered). To me it seems as though for those for whom money is an
> issue, the cost of migration is too great; and for those where money
> is not an issue, the cost of migration is irrelevant. So, the trick is
> to get the first group using GNU/Linux before they've even had the
> opportunity to consider something else. Advocate using it in
> education!
Yes, this is a very good point!
> Don't underestimate the use of "shiny" and cool, efficient workflows
> in marketing a piece of software. Kororaa's 3D stuff didn't seem
> immediately useful but it sure made me interested in the project.
LOL :) Well as someone who uses it everyday, it has become very very valuable 
(especially the expose type feature) :)
> I'd be tempted not to mention Microsoft products at all because there
> will always be differences, and more often than not OOo will be the
> worse of the two. Never mind that OOo might kick serious arse in other
> areas -- those negatives will stand out more than the positives.
Hmm.. I guess the idea is to find out what strengths OOo has, which might 
actually be useful to end users.. might be a tough find ;)
> > Hope this is of some use to you...  I think the page is an awesome idea
> > - thanks for the efforts in getting it to what it is already!  =)
> Same.
Sure is, thank you very much for taking the time!

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